Welcome to Noor Furnishers, here you find a vast range of door designs in Pakistan that we have collected to meet your desires and requirements. The types of doors we design and manufacture are just amazing. There is no doubt that we have supreme quality doors for you at competitive prices. This is because we never compromise the quality and uniqueness of our furniture.

We have multiple designs in the doors out of which you can choose the one which you think the best. However, we have the following door designs for you at our furniture store that is easily available for sale.

Panel doors

This is the classic style that I being used in Pakistan as a wooden door. Such doors are difficult to made and construct. Therefore the prices are a little higher for panel doors as compared to other doors. These doors are amazing and beautiful that gives a lavish look to your rooms.

Flush doors

These doors are flat from both sides of the door, unlike the panel doors, because there is no panel on any side of the doors. We have produced and designed Flush doors for you to bring uniqueness to your home furniture.

Hinged doors

We also manufacture the hinged doors that are the most popular and commonly used doors in Pakistan as well as across the world. These doors are available in both panels and flush style no matter what you want.

We have much more for you in our door designs that can make you satisfy and happy about the doors you buy.